Do PC users still use CDs?

Right now, yes. Quite a large percentage of PCs still have a CD/DVD drawer.

Naturally Mistral produces web download versions of all its products. But still produces a large quantity of CDs containing identical software every year.

For account customers download is both ideal and preferable. For a promotional 'mailshot' however there is nothing like the impact a CD arriving in the post makes. A CD has 'presence', it is tangible. Recipients are far more likely to load a CD than they are to comply with a suggestion that they search for and install from a web link. Particularly when so many on-line download promotion sites are confusing and some are even risky. That is a fact and one that is unlikely to change very quickly.

Mistral will replicate, at the most competitive prices obtainable, from 50 to 100,000 or more. From client's CD-R or from 'Masters' that you ask us to design and create for you.

Exceptionally user friendly automatic installation or 'Set-up' files can be added of course - and all with stunning graphics. Even with matching CD label and packaging to complete the essential and professional 'Corporate Image'.

Would like an 'Electronic Catalogue' but don't know where to begin? Again, Mistral has its own software 'Engines' that are ideal for compiling your product technical data, colour photographs and line drawings. Even automatic customer 'Shopping Baskets' and order forms can be included making it so easy for your customers to order from you that they won't even be tempted to look at your competitors' products.

Make it easy for your customers to identify and select the right product for their application, with guaranteed technical accuracy, and it goes without saying they will order from you. Then consider the savings of CD-ROM catalogues compared with heavy, printed price lists. To say nothing of your compilation costs and finally the scandalous costs of postage. Is there any contest?

You are reading this right now, not in a brochure or a leaflet printed on paper but either on one of Mistral's promotional CD-ROM or the identical file on Mistral's website. Think about it!