Letter from Brittany 187
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Life and Soul of the Party? BBC News, 25 December 2011. You have to hand it to him for timing!

© Copyright 2011 BBC News. All rights acknowledged.

Well actually Pope Ben olí Bean Iíve been meaning to have a word with you about that. It was after all you Christians that hijacked our multi-millenia old traditional winter solstice celebrations, shifted the birth date of one of your illegitimate children by a few months to coincide with it and then renamed it ĎChristmasí.

We like our lights and our glitter thank you very much. To say nothing of a drop of Eggnog with the Plum Pud.

Anyway, I can see youíre not the best of fun guys to have around at a party so youíre off my Christmas card list now. OK?

Have a nice day.

PS Love the party hat. Not too much 'glitter' then? Please tell me where I can get one like it.

Iíve only just started celebrating now.

For the day anyway.

Happy Solstice Everyone!