Letter from Brittany 198
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What's My Line?

Rainy Sunday afternoon. Trawling the web. Came across this:-

A person’s surname can influence their choice of career, experts believe

Scientists are exploring the theory that people are drawn to certain trades and professions based on the connotations of their surnames.

The phenomenon can be observed among famous figures such as the World champion sprinter Usain Bolt or the 18th century poet William Wordsworth.

However, serious research is now being dedicated to the concept – known as nominative determinism – to explain why it occurs.

New Scientist magazine coined the term after observing that the subject matter of a series of science books and articles bore relevance to the authors’ surnames.

John Hoyland, the magazine’s feedback editor, said: “A reader wrote in to tell me that they’d come across a paper on incontinence in the British Journal of Urology which was written by J W Splatt and D Weedon.

That’s interesting isn’t it?

I wonder if it works retrospectively. I mean what if I changed my name to something else by Deed Poll? I fancy a late career change.

How does ‘Leigh Dee Bespoke-Lingerie’ sound?

I've finished warming my tape-measure now.

For the day anyway.