Merry Christmas everyone!

My dear late (she usually was) Grandmother used to receive well over four hundred Christmas Cards each year.

Quite an achievement. Particularly as besides close family and the milkman (who might have been family) she hardly knew anyone at all. It must be said her bite was far worse than her bark!

Every year though my Grandmother would spend days stringing up all her cards. Pinning them on long ribbons and hanging these from the picture rails all around her house. Very impressive.

One year, when I was about nine or ten years old, I chanced to comment to Grandmother that a lot of her friends and relatives seemed to send her the same card design every year. Especially those friends and relatives that had passed away over a decade earlier!

For this sin I received a sharp, painful clip around the ear.

The moral behind my story is this. A few years ago I spent a couple of evenings and week-ends designing my own ‘on-line’ 'Christmas Cards from Brittany’. And I’ll be damned if I am going to waste them all. So as a special treat you may click on the card tiles below to re-visit them.

Some, but not all, are 'animated' and this will be indicated above the image in each case. Meaning the animated ones are like a little video. Please be patient though and wait a few seconds to see if these animations start to load; as Broadband speeds in some countries can be notoriously slow.

Animated image

I've finished writing Christmas Cards now.

For another year anyway.