Arnaud Beltrame 1974 - 2018


The senior policeman who died after taking the place of a hostage during a terror attack at a French supermarket has been aptly described throughout the civilised world as a hero.

French President Emmanuel Macron said Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame showed "exceptional self-sacrifice and courage" for volunteering to change places with a female store employee during the siege.

44-year-old Arnaud Beltrame died in hospital from his injuries after being shot three times by an Islamic extremist in Trebes in southwest France on Friday 23 March 2018.

Reposez en paix le brave lieutenant-colonel Beltrame. Le monde se souviendra de vous longtemps après que les lâches qui vous ont pris de nous soient oubliés.

RIP Brave lieutenant-colonel Beltrame. The world will remember you long after the cowards who took you from us have been forgotten.