Mistral's software system currently comprises 12 'core product', managed programs with upwards of 450 forms (pages) linked to a total of more than 17,000 'topical'*, interactive databases and associated image files. These together display over fourteen and a half million words and there are as many items again of highly complex computer code hidden away behind the scenes and which keep the whole enormous system working for you.

Mistral's software systems are additionally provided with more than 4,450 dynamically linked, 'focused', Help pages containing around 530,000 words supported by 2,875 colour, technical illustrations. Though the system works so well that other than for educational or industry training purposes rarely is any of this ever needed.

Mistral's ten language multilingual websites contain over 3,000 interlinked web pages with an average of around eight and a half million words and 2,750 illustrations at any one time*.

spacer_transparent.gif*'topical' meaning maintained on a daily basis.

bible.png The King James Authorized Holy Bible comprises 2 testaments containing 66 books with a total of just 783,137 words. Printed using a typical font size, the average bible therefore has around 1,200 pages.

So about one 20th the size of Mistral's automated, dynamic systems then.

The last time anyone made any serious attempt at adding anything or improving the King James Holy Bible was a little over four hundred years ago. The last time anyone made any serious attempt at adding anything or improving Mistral's State of the Art software systems was today! More will be improved tomorrow.

There usually aren't many illustrations in the Holy Bible but there are a lot of lurid descriptions of distressing disease, poverty, violence, torture and gruesome death to titillate lovers of the macabre.

All things considered if you are a Professional RAC person we would therefore recommend that you rely more heavily upon Mistral than the Holy Bible! spacer_transparent.gif See the light today. Before the Second Coming!