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Brexit or not! brexit bus returns

Brexit or not. Mistral Associates knows no territorial boundaries. Mistral supports the commercial RAC industry throughout the entire world. We do not expect this to change after Brexit.

During this current political turbulence an idea came to us though. You can switch your Mistral program’s operating language between English and Dutch or German or French or Italian or Spanish or Polish or Portuguese or Swedish at any time. As many times as you like.

“So what?” You might say. “Lots of software allows you to do that.”

Our reply. “No, it does not!"

Other developer’s programs might allow you to install their programs to operate in any one of a multitude of different languages. However very, VERY few of these allow you to switch between languages AFTER you have installed their software.” And even the few that do will be for programs a tiny fraction the size of Mistral's systems.

If your organisation operates in more than one country, and many organisations do, then Mistral will let you calculate a refrigeration or A/C load in English, save the calculation result file, and then send that to a colleague in Paris or Montreal or Brussels (sorry!), where your colleague can open it, add to it or change it as they wish, using their own language, then send it back to you where you can open it again in English.

You create calculations and RAC product selections in English but your colleagues in France can open them, continue working on them if they wish, then print them out in French and send to their own prospects. They can also do exactly the same thing for you!

That might not sound like much but in computer programming terms it is like comparing Stephenson’s Rocket with one made by Elon Musk for his SpaceX rocket company! And no, Google Translate doesn't even come into it. Way, way out of their depth!

“So what will that cost me then?” You might ask.

“To run a calculation in Morecambe and then send it to my colleague in Marseilles to help him win an order from his prospect in Montreal?”


You are a valued Mistral ‘Corporate Licensee'. We promised you that whatever we do with our products, whatever we add to them or however we enhance them in the future, then those improvements will be available to you and to all of your colleagues, at any time, for no extra charge. All you have to do is ask.

Interested? Want to be the person who brought a damned good idea to the attention of your colleagues? Then click here Feedback and tell us what you think and what you need.