Established in 1984 Mistral is proud to be widely considered the 'generic' software system provider for the refrigeration & air conditioning industry. In its domestic market, Mistral software is used by more than 85% of refrigeration & air conditioning contracting firms and programs have been distributed to over 25,000 users in over 140 countries around the world.

Bugs happen. And one just did!

Bugs happen! Occasionally and anyone pretending they don't create any are only deluding themselves.

Bug 5
'Airwind Pro' and 'Coldwind Pro'. Affecting Corporate and Subscription Licensees only.
Attempts to edit building Materials and Composite Materials databases for floors locked out. Programs nonetheless still viable and fully operational.
Reported 08:15 hrs CEST 10 June 2021. Fix released 17:31 hrs CEST 10 June 2021.

Bug 4
Airwind Entering alternative to default sub floor temperature when Winter conditions selected resulted in incorrect floor TD calculation. Reported Friday 04 Dec 2020 17:03 CET. Fixed Sunday 06 Dec 2020 15:17 CET.

Bug 3
Broken link to 'Crosswind' Supermarket Retail Floor Area design program in some Mistral illustrated Program Group forms.

Bug 2
Less of a bug, more a case of a simple improvement to Dynamic Error Trapping of Product Respiration Load coding.

Bug 1

A bug yet not a bug but if you think that you may have inadvertently corrupted your Mistral installation then it might be wise to re-install. Providing your licensed access is current then you should not require a new Access Registration Code in order to do so.
If you are prompted to enter a new code then let us know via the Feedback form.

Reload Mistral 'Corporate' programs and interactive databases compendium

Reloading your installation will affect neither any program results calculations you may have saved nor any changes or additions you have made to user accessible databases. These will still be there and capable of being opened, read, further edited if required, and re-saved.

Bug 2.

Food Product Respiration Loads


A situation could occur where a Fruit or Vegetable or General Purpose store is significantly resized upwards and where the product respiration load is not adequately recalculated to reflect the increased product capacity in the larger room volume. Whilst this would be unlikely to render the final load calculation load result nonviable the final load would nonetheless not be strictly correct.

Mistral’s policy has always been that its programs are an aid to good engineering practice but not a substitute for ‘due diligence’ in engineering. Mistral accepts however that due diligence is rarely if ever totally applied. Particularly where following years of relying upon a computer program that has always proven its worth as totally reliable.

Mistral’s engineers and programmers have therefore introduced a more rigorous set of both automatic ‘dynamic error trapping’ coding, along with additional on-screen prompts and warnings associated with product respiration input parameters. Thereby totally eliminating any risk of user error in the area of product respiration heat gain routines.

Mistral 'Corporate' and 'Subscription' account Licensees may update with a single installation here:-

Download for existing Licensees For replacement or updating programs & databases in current installation.

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