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Mistral 'CORPORATE' Licence 12 RAC complete program list and core features

Mistral 'Corporate' Licence Software Suite Download for existing, paid up Licensees.
Also for free programs upgrading and free databases updating. Renew installation.
Why is the licence called 'Corporate'? spacer_transparent.gifCorporate fee scale


businessman_silhouette.gif Sole traders, teachers and students needing only a single installation should click here.

Mistral 'Corporate Licence.' for organisations with up to 5 staff.
For larger organisations please click here:- Large organisation fee scale with payment links.

All 12 RAC Mistral Application Engineering programs + 1,000s of actively maintained interactive Databases. Just pennies for each of your valued staff per day. If you think it's expensive then perhaps you should ask yourself whether you're in the right business!

spacer_transparent.gifTHIS deal recovers its cost EVERY time one of your valued staff uses it resulting in an order!

12 month licence for Mistral 'Corporate' Software Suite from £395, 485€, US$556 p.a.

Programs supplied as Internet download. Annual fee 'Fixed in Perpetuity' (subject to inflation).

Complete program compendium for organisations with up to 5 staff working from or reporting to a single geographic location. Please refer to Corporate Licence annual fee scale for complete fee scale.


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single_user_icon.gif Mistral 'Corporate' Lite. Single User Lifetime Licence
For smaller RAC businesses not wanting more advanced program features they may never need.

Airwind and Coldwind for single rooms only. Simple pipe sizing. Full meteorology.
All interactive RAC product selection databases and linked image files.
Lifetime Licence, single payment, £295, 360€, US$415. spacer_transparent.gif See: Corporate Licence type comparisons


Remit against your Mistral Associates invoice amount using Credit or Debit Card or PayPal.

three_users_icon.gif Large organisation Corporate fee scale.

Helping RAC Professionals win contracts, save money, enhance profits. Paying for itself over and over again!

Accelerate your business into higher profit for as little as £395 or US$505 a year!

"Mistral software is expensive!"

"Yes....and a jaguar F Type costs more than a Ford Focus!"

"Enough said."

Well perhaps not quite enough.

To read on please click here:- For serious RAC business leaders only - Click arrow_down_green_icon.gif

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