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Subscription Licences can only be ordered and the software installed by using this form.

The 'Annual Subscription Licence' provides access to Mistral's programs and interactive databases for a period of 12 months. You are not entering into any open ended contract and which you must engage in a convoluted cancellation procedure in future if you no longer wish to continue having access. Although you will be offered an invoice to continue access for a further 12 month period if you wish you will not be automatically charged. If you decide not to continue then after 30 days the invoice is simply voided.

If you wish to continue access after the initial 12 month period has completed then you will need to visit this website again at that time and to complete the download request form again. Using an easy to see and find link in the program itself. Indeed the program will display a passive and gentle reminder when the time to renew, update and upgrade draws near.

Future subscription charges are guaranteed to remain fixed for you in perpetuity, subject only to officially notified rates of inflation as published in the RPI (Retail Price Index), if applicable and which thankfully these days is rare.

You have the opportunity to read all of your rights and obligations in the Software Licence Agreement both prior to and after installing the software product. If you do not agree with the terms of the Software Licence Agreement which is drawn up in accordance with prevailing internationally supported legislation concerning intellectual property treaties and rights then you are not obliged to proceed with download, installation or use of the software.


Q. 1  What best describes the work that you do?
     Air Conditioning Contractor
     Refrigeration Contractor
     Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractor
     Food: Caterer/Production/Retailer
     Food Distribution: Logistics/Storage
     RAC Products: Manufacturer/Distributor

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If you have not yet been issued with a Mistral Account number or cannot find it please enter 111111 in the box provided above and if your account is in order you will be sent one to the email address you have provided on this form.


Mistral's program installation procedure requires entry of unique Access Registration Codes. This code will be sent to authorised downloaders by email to the email address provided on this form.

Mistral Associates works tirelessley keeping programs up to date with latest Information Technology and also maintaining the tens of millions of items of proprietary data accessed through thousands of interactive databases. As a Licensee you will be welcome to download and install periodic program upgrades and updates at anytime and without incurring any additional charges. You will not even be required to re-enter your unique Access Registration Code in order to do so.

Confirming receipt of payment and forwarding Access Registration Codes is conducted manually.

Depending upon international time differences, international email routing delays, over which Mistral Associates has no control, and also work load this may take up to 24 Hours. Please therefore be patient.

Normally the process will be completed in around 60 to 90 minutes.

If you do not receive your Access Registration Code within 24 hours of downloading the program #_setup file then before contacting Mistral please ensure that your email Spam interceptor software is not of poor quality or has been inexpertly set, so as to consign Mistral's messages to your junk mail folder. Mistral knows you don't like your time being wasted. We don't like our time wasted either!