Mistral provides different program launch forms, ranging from the surreal to the practical or informative through to the slightly weird. Easy to select or change and we hope they will help brighten everyone's day.

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Buttoned up

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

That is how the expression goes and we agree. Why shouldn't we all have the opportunity to enjoy ourselves occasionally, even whilst engaged in the serious business of working?

Newspapers and journals generally include at least one cartoon. We have lots.

A surprising consequence is that the following pages, which have absolutely nothing at all to do with refrigeration, have boosted our web 'hit rate' by more than 1,000%! And now you are here too! Anyway, the more successful we are then it stands to reason that that means all the more we can do to help our licenced customers be successful too!

Maybe newspaper and journal publishers know a thing or two about marketing too then!