Global Warming may or may not be happening.

"The fewer the facts the stronger the opinion."
Arnold H Glasow

1905 - 1998

Global Warming may or may not be happening. There might be some evidence, although that could be due to naturally recurring phenomenon. There is certainly plenty of evidence for that! Claims it is purely down to anthropological causes are unproven by an exceedingly large margin. The mathematics simply don't add up. It is therefore inaccurate scaremongering fostered though by patently obvious hidden agenda and promulgated by educated beyond their intelligence pseudo intellectuals. Along with unpaid but willing, unemployable, no hope foot soldiers, driven solely by their culture of envy fed anger. The hidden agenda of selling you, the public, less fossil fuel for ever escalating prices is one. The other, of eventually eliminating dependence upon Middle East oil is of course another; and a highly politically charged one at that. Scaring the proletariat into paying more taxes pales into insignificance compared to it. Criminally irresponsible journalism created by individuals without a snowball in hell chance of understanding the science or dynamics sells newspapers. That's all. What Donald Trump called 'Fake News' and as much as he had little credibility on this score at least he was right!

Instant 24/7 on-line and tabloid News gleefully informs billions of people of thousands of deaths which might occur in imminent, always record breaking storms. News is now inevitably enhanced by clever computer generated images and videos that most nine year olds these days could improve upon. That those fatalities thankfully rarely occur following the event is always quickly forgotten. Only the more sensational numbers are remembered and as always happens with first headlines, eventually turned into legend. Record breaking storms that destroyed ten, twenty or even a hundred times more infrastructure than last time they occurred ten, twenty or even a hundred years before. For the simple inescapable fact that infrastructure there to be destroyed by storms was ten, twenty or a hundred times less ten, twenty or a hundred years ago!

I am a qualified thermodynamics engineer with more than fifty years experience studying and working on the subject. Experience gained working in power generation, including nuclear, along with major power consuming product manufacturing industry, automotive and mechanical refrigeration. The latter alone responsible for 10% of the world's power consumption and a technology without which over a third more of the world's population would now starve. I now work for an organisation committed to saving energy, as testified by the thousands of professionals world-wide that depend upon my organisation's work. Even professionals in government involved in climate study! Work incidentally which involved garnering literally millions of corroborated, provable, scientific FACTS. Never idle bar room gossip or opinions from posturing, tree dwelling, protesters!

If I had a penny for every kilowatt of energy my organisation has saved this planet over the past three decades then I'd be wealthier than Bill Gates. However I am not paid in that way. Regrettably.

I am also not a Global Warming sceptic. I simply believe that if the world is truly in crisis, and that is debatable, then lying to the public is never going to help find any scientific solutions.

Chris Smith