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capacidade de paletes para caixas de vinho


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wine-cartons.png Note: Examples below are based upon typical wine carton dimensions only. There are many variations. A typical cardboard carton or case designed to accept 12 Burgundy wine bottles for example may measure externally 410mm x 305mm x 345mm high; whereas a case for 12 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc may measure 375mm x 275mm x 380mm high. Wooden wine cases are slightly larger than their equivalent capacity cardboard cartons.

The weight of a typical empty twin wall corrugated cardboard wine case, complete with bottle dividers, to contain 12 X 70cl or 75cl wine bottles is 0.55kg (1.2lbs).

wine_112_6b_cases_1000x1200_pallet Pallet 1000mm x 1200mm

6 Bottle Cases

4 tiers x 28 cases 112 cases 672 Bottles
Pallet weight 870kg gross
Pallet height 1480mm

5 tiers x 28 cases 140 cases 840 Bottles
Pallet weight 1083kg gross
Pallet height 1818mm

wine_80_12b_cases_1000x1200_pallet Pallet 1000mm x 1200mm

12 Bottle Cases

4 tiers x 15 cases 60 cases 720 Bottles
Pallet weight 927kg gross
Pallet height 1480mm

5 tiers x 15 cases 75 cases 900 Bottles
Pallet weight 1154kg gross
Pallet height 1818mm

wine_100_6b_cases_800x1200_euro_pallet Euro Pallet 800mm x 1200mm

6 Bottle Cases

4 tiers x 25 cases 100 cases 600 Bottles
Pallet weight 780kg gross
Pallet height 1490mm

wine_48_12b_cases_800x1200_euro_pallet Euro Pallet 800mm x 1200mm

12 Bottle Cases

4 tiers x 12 cases 48 cases 576 Bottles
Pallet weight 751kg gross
Pallet height 1490mm

Pallet weights

Due to so many unkown considerations, defining tare weight (empty weight) of pallets precisely is beyond the scope of this text. Considerations not the least of which are regional differences, varying national safety standards, designs and types of materials used etc. The figures shown below should therefore be used as a guide only and typically cover weights for pallets designed to accept safe loads of from 500 kg (1,102 lbs) to 1,000 kg (2,204 lbs) per pallet. The lower figure of course being for the lower weight capacity and the higher figure for the larger capacity. The obvious situation where heavyweight pallets are used for lighter loads should also be considered as this may be a function of local work practices unique to a particular storage facility.

wooden_pallet Wooden pallet 15 kg to 22 kg

steel_pallet Steel pallet 17 kg to 28 kg

plastic_pallet Plastic pallet 7 kg to 14 kg

folding_pallet_cage_heavy_duty Heavy duty steel folding pallet cage
or stillage 35 kg to 50 kg

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