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The Great Global Warming Debate


Mistral Associates subscribes to the non populist theories and opinions expressed by accredited authorities such as those of Richard A. Muller, founder and Scientific Director of Berkeley Earth, University of California.

Mistral Associates is also of the opinion that the greater majority of currently promulgated Global Warming data is hysterical rubbish. Comprising massaged or selective information, manipulated data, 'Photoshopped' images and in many cases downright lies.

Greta Thunberg is not a messiah!

child_climate_protester.png To deny facts such as El Niño and the eleven year Solar Cycle, along with clearly understood, unabated increase in Solar Radiation since the formation of earth does not help in trying to identify and implement methods by which mankind can hope to mitigate the effects of threatening Global Warming. Sensationalist, vote grabbing statements and unsubstantiated opinions published by biased, self serving media and politicians, the vocal but inadequately educated, along with perhaps highly qualified sixteen year old Swedish recent school pupils are also all doing nothing to help. Demonising and persecuting the world's hard working real achievers and contributors to society will never solve anything.

richardmuller.png Richard A. Muller, founder and Scientific Director of Berkeley Earth, California, USA. Professor of Physics, UCB and Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Richard Muller is a member of the JASON Defense Advisory Group has also been critical of other climate temperature studies.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, commonly referred to as Berkeley Lab, is a United States national laboratory that conducts scientific research on behalf of the United States Department of Energy (DOE). It is managed and operated by the University of California and was founded in 1931.

Mistral's program published meteorological databases rely upon data purchased from definitive authorities including the UK Met Office, NASA and other respected international sources. The data represents mean, average high and low climate conditions, across thousands of key 'index' locations world-wide.

For the professional Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineer this standard data set can be used for establishing accurate, reliable heat loads and for selection of RAC equipment to meet those loads. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning energy loads which of course contribute a major part of the world's overall energy consumption. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning without which of course modern civilisation and even life as we know it could not continue.

The past decade has though undoubtedly witnessed local, isolated temperature peaks of short duration due to both predictable and also unusual phenomena such as El Niño and of northerly migrating equatorial warm air masses. With as yet no certain, proven cause. Whatever the reason Mistral is adding second meteorological databases described as 'GW Elevated' data. You are welcome to use it if you think it will help your business. And of course our planet.

Post Script 27 September 2019.

Austre Boggerbreen glacier, Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, 800 miles from the North Pole.

Note: Since downloading these images an attempt has been made to conceal the above evidence held on file.


Figures, small boats and smaller ice flows in the foreground all appear to have remained stationary over the period of the time lapse animation!

Reflections appearing in the foreground from the more icebound glacier also appear from everything in the foreground, including shaded areas, and not just the surface of the water.

This apparent deception published on the Internet by Sky News on 27 September 2019.

Post Script 28 September 2019.

This lie published on the Internet by Microsoft Corporation.


The above image is blatant deception! It does not show Carbon Dioxide emission but pure and totally harmless water vapour!

The dramatic photograph displayed for sensational, even scary effect, shows pure condensed water vapour and not Carbon Dioxide emitting from an electricity power station's cooling towers. Cooling towers as indeed would be found in a nuclear power station and which of course emits no Carbon Dioxide whatsoever.

In Mistral Associates' opinion, the publishing of intentionally inflammatory and misleading 'Fake News' should be criminalised. Particularly when it leads to naive, inadequally educated school children rallying millions of misled, scared people into protest and society damaging, delinquent action.

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