Due to the unreasonable behaviour of a few Mistral has been forced to change its policy in respect of invoicing for new customers.

Although it may come as a surprise to many, the development and maintenance of high quality, expert system software is a very expensive and high risk business. Requiring investment of large amounts of capital for usually very marginal profits, often over very protracted periods of time. Accountants in particular seem to find it difficult to understand that although they consider that they deserve to be paid for sitting at a computer pressing keys for much of the day, a similarly sedentary software developer they frequently deny also deserves to be paid, even fed!

For years Mistral has tolerated prospects that having placed enquiries and received much time and attention in counselling then having 'placed an order' and requested an invoice, never have any intention of actually paying it. As with any business the cost of this has to be accrued in overheads. Overheads that ultimately of course must be paid by Mistral's large and loyal customer base.

In future all 'first time' orders will be despatched only with a tax receipt. Prices will be advised, generally by pointing to relevant pages on this website, but will not be invoiced prior to receipt of funds. Customers having difficulty accepting this procedure may use the alternative existing arrangement of ordering 'on-line' and paying by credit or debit card through Mistral's Secure Server or of course simply 'go elsewhere'. Although for the latter how they are able purchase a product from a shop or to put fuel in their vehicles or pay other not usually prior invoiced expenses will forever remain a mystery to us!

Existing loyal customers such as 'Corporate Licensees', 'Sponsors' and 'Upgraders' we repeat are not affected by this policy change and Mistral will continue to issue standard credit term invoices. At the same time as thanking them for their much appreciated business and offering as much discount as we can afford.

Mistral's commitment:
Bringing the benefits of computerisation to our industry - without the historically associated problems.

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