mistral logo 56x75 Established in 1984, Mistral is proud to be widely considered the 'generic' software system provider for the refrigeration & air conditioning industry. In its domestic market, Mistral software is used by more than 85% of refrigeration & air conditioning contracting firms and programs have been distributed to over 17,000 users in over 100 countries around the world.

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Mistral Associates - News December 2018


santa ho ho ho by mistral associates

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'Coldwind' will design a coldroom or freezer and select the refrigeration equipment in less than 2 minutes. As everyone knows. But does everyone know that sister program 'Costwind' will also price that coldroom and generate the complete customer quotation? - Automatically and simultaneously!

Yes. We know prices for coldroom shelving are well out of date in our databases. But tell your preferred shelving manufacturer and not us! Mistral have a strict policy to not publish ANY data without the express permission of the people who own the rights to that data. A policy designed to protect your interests.

Assembling a large, interactive and often complicated database does not cost a few hundred Pounds. It costs thousands! Nonetheless, if your preferred shelving manufacturer really is afraid they'll end up selling more of their product by sending us their data for inclusion then we'll make it really easy for them. Mistral won't charge them a penny! That's right. We will crunch the numbers for them for FREE!

All we ask is that they send us the data before Christmas and our slack period. Where we can get on with work relatively quietly. While everyone else is enjoying their traditional Christmas break.

If they won't listen to us then perhaps they'll do the right thing and listen to you - their customer!

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Mistral significantly increases R744 (CO2 Product Selection Databases

lu_ve_contardo_fhc_coolers Until recently refrigerant R744 has been the preserve of larger commercial and industrial refrigeration installations. That appears set to be changed. Beijer Italian subsidiary SCM Frigo S.p.A. have added a range of smaller critical low temperature, high pressure operating CO2 condensing units named Cubo2 Smart.

No point though in having smaller R744 condensing units without a range of matching HP (85 Bar) coolers. Leading RAC manufacturers Lu-Ve Contardo provide the solution with their ranges of R744 coolers. From small coldroom Panel Coolers, to larger (standard coldroom design) Unit Coolers to specialised application, Eg., food 'Prep Room', Dual Discharge Coolers. A formidable, high quality product array from this highly respected RAC equipment manufacturer.

Mistral Associates are delighted to be honoured with access to comprehensive application engineering data for all the above products for addition to its already world's largest (probably) RAC equipment, interactive, database resource.

Cost to Mistral of researching, processing, compiling, proving and incorporating new interactive RAC R744 product selection databases: circa 12,500 to 13,000 Euros.

No charge update for all Mistral 'Corporate' Licensees:- Corporate Update link
A new Corporate Access Registration Code may be required for older installations (8 weeks +) but this will be automatically forwarded when required.

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Mistral 'Corporate' Licence access. Halal version

Mistral programs for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Professionals were developed from 1984 in Western Europe, and where they have been constantly maintained ever since. Mistral programs have since been distributed in more than one hundred countries world-wide. This has naturally led to Mistral's development of program versions tailored to meet local cultural expectations.

Mistral is pleased therefore to announce the release of its latest 'Corporate' compendium of RAC Application Engineering and Product Selection system in a version designed specifically for Halal practicing communities.

Furthermore, at the same prices as for versions designed for various secular and other market places.


Click icons in above graphic to access more details of key parts of the 'Corporate' compendium.
Please be aware that above links can lead to web pages with content NOT found in the Halal program versions.

'Corporate' compendium of RAC Application Engineering Programs & Interactive Databases - Halal
UKú395 p.a., 481 Euros p.a., US$556 p.a. *

* Please note that due to daily currency exchange rate fluctuations prices displayed may vary slightly. Large adverse differences (above UKú5) will be credited to on-line purchasers upon request.

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