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Mistral Associates - News February 2022

mistral_mouse.png The first person to find Mistral's cheeky, hiding Mouse on this website will win a Free Corporate Program Compendium Access Licence for a whole year.

Prize value UKĀ£395, approximately 475 Euros or US$530.


Your name: required
email: required
Company (or none): required
Country: required
Company Web Page: optional

I found the cheeky hiding Mouse on Mistral's web page titled*:-
*(Web page title means the text name preceding the HTML file extension)



Current Mistral 'Corporate' Licence Account holders are welcome to participate and if successful the prize value will be credited against their present account in part payment for larger accounts with a greater value.

Neither the winner's name nor their company name will be published.
Competition closes on 28 February 2022.

And the winner is:-

A Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment distribution company in Sweden.

Click here cheeky_mouse.png to see where the lucky winners found Cheeky Mouse!


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