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Mistral Associates - News January 2022

No one likes reading instructions!
No matter how simple they are!


With registered licensees (program users) in 140 countries world-wide then naturally Mistral expects to receive thousands of Email messages every week. Just as naturally Mistral endeavours to keep its operating costs down to the minimum possible consistent with providing a first rate product and service.

There have to be rules though. It would be unfair asking users to pay annual licence fees and without which Mistral could not possible provide its first class products and service if others are allowed to cheat and steal access to the valuable software resource. At the expense of those paying for it!

But people are only human and people make mistakes. Making a mistake installing will result in an Error message and this will explain what went wrong and the simple solution to rectify it. Up until now though this has required the installer to click on a button reading Error Codes to read the explanation of an Error Code number. For example Error #904.

It would appear though that many people would prefer to write an Email and send it to Mistral instead, asking for the explanation. Therefore, and so as to avoid the need to employ more staff and which all licensees would be expected to meet the costs of doing so, the Error Codes, some of which are automatically digitally generated by the user's computer Microsoft Windows Operating System, are now translated and displayed automatically. Obviating the need for anyone to have to click on a button, let alone take out time to write a long Email request.