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Mistral Associates - News July 2022

Air Infiltration Latent loads in cold rooms and freezers.

For reasons that the technical reality of accurate Air Infiltration Latent heat gains into cold rooms, especially freezers, is often not as simple as the basic science might otherwise suggest, Mistral has up until now only ever shown the Total Air Infiltration Load for cold rooms and freezers. In other words the sum of Sensible plus Latent.

A policy applied only to the Coldwind group of programs and not those in the Airwind and Cellwind Groups.

However, following requests from a couple of highly respected, leading RAC contracting companies, Mistral has agreed to reverse this policy, which had been in place for over 30 years. Air Infiltration Latent gains will now be shown for both cold rooms (chillers) and freezers, as a separate item.

The coding change is, as always with Mistral, 'backwardly compatible'. Meaning refrigeration calculation load results files, created as far back as the first Windows version release in 1995, can still be opened, edited and re-saved. Even though first releases were 16 bit programs and currently they are 32 bit.

The new release, version 5.2r, will automatically recompute reopened #.cwc files and adjust results accordingly. Doing so will not make any significant differences to Total Refrigeration Loads.

download_icon_140x32.png download_icon_140x32.png spacer_transparent.gifCorporate, Subscription and Lifetime Licensees may upgrade from here, at no cost:-



Mistral has ditched its escrow partner (on-line commercial bank) after 27 years.
In favour of switching to PayPal.

Although starting off well enough, serving us from 1995, following various take-overs our escrow partners performance had steadily gone downhill. With ever more frequent yet avoidable outages, clueless and indifferent staff, slow response times and ludicrous new bureaucratic rules, finally forcing our hand.

Distributing sophisticated, large and security controlled Expert Software Systems on-line, throughout the entire world 24/7, is no easy task. Simply purging Mistral's 3,300+ page, multilingual website of deeply entrenched, secure links and support pages to effectively a bank, actually took us over a week. In the meantime we are pleased to say we managed to keep disruption to our customers to an absolute minimum.

We are also pleased to report that switching to PayPal was actually much easier and quicker than we had anticipated. PayPal appear to understand our marketplace role well and were extremely helpful. PayPal also have the advantage that there can be only very few people in the world who have not heard of them, and trust them. Whereas our outgoing escrow partner, although claiming to be the largest of their genre in the world, we now very much doubt.

Mistral's 'Ex' escrow partner management team appeared to us at least to be bearing a grudge against their employers, and thus determined to destroy them! We won't mention their name on these pages but if you wish to know, and are considering signing up an escrow partner for on-line trading yourselves, then please don't hesitate in contacting us to ask. We will be happy to provide you with 'Chapter and Verse' of their shortcomings and failings.

spacer_transparent.gifChris Smith
spacer_transparent.gifManaging Director
spacer_transparent.gifMistral Associates