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Mistral Associates - News June 2022

Mistral is pleased to announce that by popular request industry renowned Hemsec insulated panel data has been added to 'Airwind Pro' A/C load calculation, 'Cellwind Pro' Beer & Wine Cellar load calculation, 'Coldwind Pro' Coldroom & Freezer load calculation and 'Prepwind' Food Preparation load calculation program's interactive databases.


download_icon_140x32.png download_icon_140x32.png spacer_transparent.gifCorporate, Subscription and Lifetime Licensees may upgrade from here, at no cost:-



Especially for all our friends in the Azores, Bermuda, Canaries, Gibraltar, Hawaii, Maldives, La RĂ©union Island, Singapore and not forgetting others whose countries weren't easy to find on Mistral's interactive program download locator* map. Now you will find it much easier!

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Mistral values your business just as much as all our friends and customers from all the world's larger conurbations.


*Mistral Expert System software is 'region specific'. So as to comply with local legislature and building regulations, Operating System varients and many other considerations.