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Mistral Associates - News March 2022


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Please be aware that under Government Directives Mistral Associates has been instructed to not supply products or services to Russia or to the Ukraine regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, or to Belarus, effective immediately. 28 February 2022.

If and when these Directives are lifted then this notice will be removed.

No other advice will be published in respect of these Directives.


Click for program download interactive Mistral mapmistral_world_clickmap_block_colour_64x30_2.png


And the winner of February's 'Find the Cheeky Mouse' competition is:-

A Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment distribution company in Sweden.

Click here cheeky_mouse.png to see where the lucky winners found Cheeky Mouse!


In Mistral's unrelenting fight against software pirates and intellectual property thieves Mistral is pleased to announce that all web page visitor Feedback, Program Download Request and similar on-line forms are now protected by Google Captcha.

This development makes no difference to how visitors are required to complete forms. No extra key presses are required and no new or complicated instructions are presented. Quite simply though it means that people choosing to enter clearly falsified information or who attempt to tamper with the coding language used to create the actual forms, will now be unable to transmit. A practice which had become increasingly demanding of Mistral staff time and hence of course the associated administration costs.


The only difference Mistral web site users may notice is the addition of a small Google logo at bottom right of protected web pages confirming that they are thus protected.

Protected for not only Mistral's security but also of course the interests of all legitimate Mistral website users and licensees at the same time.

This might come as a surprise to many but in order to meet the demands of Mistral's more than 25,000 registered users across the entire planet the company distributes over 200 versions or tailored variants.

These are needed to meet a plethora of challenges Expert System software developers serving a global market have to face. From computer Operating System (Windows) variants to language and national region differences, keyboard and monitor types, meteorology, local legislative requirements, even which decimal point deliminator is in use, comma or period.

Most of these variations, around 170, can be controlled and bespoke delivered through the 24 character alpha-numeric Access Registration Code. Even with Mistral's courtesy of omitting potentially confusing characters such as O and 0 and 1, I and l for example, the permutations run into trillions. Infinity for all practical purposes. Therefore a Mistral program will already be set to use decimal commas in Spain for example, instead of period or full stop as in the United Kingdom. All without installers having to make further adjustments.

However around 30 out of Mistral's more than 200 'products' do require completely separate program file compendium.

Why is this important to mention here? Well apart from reminding hopeful but naive imitators and plagiarists they will be facing over three decades of research and development by highly qualified engineers and programmers working together as a team just to reach Mistral's standards this explains why Mistral urges downloaders to ensure they select the right download and Access Code form on Mistral's website.

Mistral tries to make this exercise as simple and trouble free as possible. By use of interactive 'clickable' world maps for example. Downloaders are urged to click on these maps on the region corresponding with their location. The web page which follows should then be the right one for taking them to their download button.

flag_dk.pngKlik på kort svarende til hvor du er. Så vi kan sende dig de rigtige programmer til din region.
flag_de.pngKlicken Sie auf die Karte, um uns mitzuteilen, wo Sie sich befinden. So erhalten Sie die richtigen Programme.
flag_uk.pngClick on map corresponding to where you are. So we can send you the right programs for your region.
flag_es.pngHaga clic en el mapa para decirnos dónde se encuentra. Entonces recibe los programas adecuados para su región.
flag_fr.pngCliquez sur la carte pour nous dire où vous êtes. Ainsi, vous recevez les bons programmes pour votre région.

flag_it.pngClicca sulla mappa per dirci dove ti trovi. Quindi ricevi i programmi giusti per la tua regione.
flag_nl.pngKlik op de kaart om ons te vertellen waar u zich bevindt. U ontvangt dus de juiste programma's voor uw regio.
flag_pl.pngKliknij mapę, aby powiedzieć nam, gdzie jesteś. Otrzymujesz więc programy odpowiednie dla swojego regionu.
flag_po.pngClique no mapa para nos dizer onde você está. Assim, você recebe os programas certos para sua região.
flag_se.pngKlicka på kartan för att berätta var du är. Så du får rätt program för din region.

A problem arises though where a licensee from say Cambridge, UK clicks on the world map over the USA, aware that English language form completion and program operation will be offered, yet unaware English USA is not the same as English International.

Furthermore, Mistral's multi-lingual and language switchable programs, switchable even after installation may be offered in the same language for many world regions. English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, often in conjunction with other languages are offered throughout the world for example. But this does not mean the programs and interactive databases are identical.

Finally, Mistral tries to answer every licensee who contacts by Email within minutes. However Mistral as an international provider naturally receives hundreds of Emails every day. Sometimes delays are inevitable and also can be aggravated by inexplicable international routing delays, over which Mistral obviously has no control. Mistral's staff therefore do not find it amusing when someone runs into problems installing and after spending twenty minutes or so trying to sort the problem out only to discover that a person in Harrogate, United Kingdom thought it 'funny' to click first upon Sweden and then upon English as preferred language. Swedes speak English too! The program variant Swedes receive though when downloading will have been tailored to operate in Norrköping, Sweden and not Harrogate in North Yorkshire!

Mistral's staff are not noted for becoming violent but such antics do increase the risk!