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MOTOSIR LATHAM SMITH LATIFFAH are the owners of the trading name Mistral Associates and are the developers, sole copyright holders and publishers of all computer Expert System Software products marketed and distributed world-wide under the trading name Mistral Associates. MOTOSIR LATHAM SMITH LATIFFAH markets no other products.

The global Trading Name of MOTOSIR LATHAM SMITH LATIFFAH is Mistral Associates

The business was founded in the United Kingdom in 1984 trading under the name Mistral Limited.

Mistral Limited ceased operations in the United Kingdom in 2002 and relocated to France, where it continues to operate today.

MOTOSIR LATHAM SMITH LATIFFAH are officially registered as a business in France under the following details:-

MOTOSIR LATHAM SMITH LATIFFAH: Registration/Immatriculation au RCS, No. 519801435. France.

DUNS number 261726971.

n° de TVA(VAT) FR 16519801435.

The names LATIFFAH, MOTOSIR and LATHAM SMITH being the individual names of the present businesess's founding partners.

Please note: Telephone calls cannot be answered immediately in person. As Mistral serves customers in 18 of the world's international time zones, from just two world locations. Please therefore leave your recorded message, including your name, the nature of your enquiry, your telephone number for reply and your world location. We will reply to your call within 24 hours. Alternatively, if your enquiry is urgent, then send an Email.


Mistral Associates has no relationship with any other organisations anywhere in the world bearing a similar title; including for example 'Mistral Associates Ltd', or others.              Who Mistral Associates is NOT!