What does 'non-refundable' mean?

Non-refundable means that once you have downloaded and installed Mistral's intellectual property, that is the computer software product, and that the installation and registration process has been recorded upon Mistral's automated Server Log, then if you subsequently decide, or say that you have decided, you no longer want the product you cannot demand a refund of the cost of your purchase. Other than under circumstances where you can prove to a legally acceptable standard, that the product has failed to perform or to meet its published, stated claims. Claims as described throughout this web site. Technically you have already gained from application and use of access to Mistral's intellectual property.

This policy is not implemented to detract from your legal rights as a customer. On the contrary it is to protect them. As all Mistral customers enjoy exemplary standards of service and after sales care that is constantly maintained to not just meet fair, legally enforcable consumer rights, but to exceed them. A policy that could not be maintained if even a few malevolent individuals sought to deceive or cheat and were not eliminated from the download process.

Your full rights as a customer are readily available for view prior to committing yourself to making a purchase.

Finally. A simple salutary note. For any Court of Law, overwhelming evidence exists of well over 50% of Mistral's regular, licenced users, including many major, international, 'blue chip' and household name organisations, as well as many thousands of smaller, hard working businesses, having maintained their accounts with Mistral Associates for more than two decades. Making it extremely difficult for any legal counsel to prove that Mistral's products do not perform as stated herein or that Mistral has ever operated its business in anything other than an exemplary way.