This is what one in ten thousand looks like. One Sunflower in a field of ten thousand.


The same number as the human attributed (probably) increase in C02 in the world’s atmosphere over the past one hundred and fifty years.

A semi literate and hysterical schoolgirl, with no recognised formal scientific qualifications whatsoever, with the help of a self serving, irresponsible media circus, has galvanised the world into believing that this single molecule of C02, possessing hitherto unheard of toxic and physical qualities that even fictional Superman’s nemesis of Kryptonite couldn’t match, is set to destroy the world.

If Greta Thunberg’s preaching is followed a huge amount of global industry will be brought to a standstill. What happens after pumping oil ceases? Essential Adhesives, Agriculture, Clothing, Communications, Construction materials, Dyes, Electronics, Fire retardants, Fishing, Food production, Insecticides, Insulation, Lubricants, Manufacturing industry, Mining, Paints, Pharmaceuticals, Tarmacadam road construction, Textiles, Transport, and almost infinitely more besides, will all have to scrabble to find alternative and considerably more expensive solutions. Just in order to continue at all. The reduction in global food production and medicines alone will likely herald mass extinctions of large parts of the human race. What part of the global population isn’t consumed by this will subsequently be exposed to huge increases in violent civil insurrection and war.

Yet, so many politicians, emergent, new so called scientists and violent action groups, largely propelled by 'culture of envy' motivated unemployables, are seemingly all climbing aboard the gravy train. An opportunity provided by the so far inexplicable rise in global ambient temperature. A growing number of people among the better educated are challenging the conjecture of C02 being the culprit. This does NOT make these people global warming deniers. A wholly inaccurate slander only to be expected from Lemmings.

Why has no one even begun to explore the possibility that the huge difference in percentile terms at least, of solar radiation reaching the earth, when compared to increase in C02 levels over the same period, might be the cause?

Where is the scientific proof that one part in ten thousand parts of atmosphere should be argued as a catalyst for destroying modern civilisation?

Lies and more lies.

Open this grandiose, emotive and misleadingly entitled article below and read carefully. Just one example of scores, if not hundreds of such wildly speculative and inaccurate articles published across the world.


Yet despite the intentionally disturbing, intimidating nature of the opening title nowhere does this article offer any clearly documented scientific proof, reviewed and published by any accredited peer group. Only conjecture and speculation. Conjecture and wild speculation that inarticulate, frightened and especially impressionable young people, will take as being Gospel truth. As Joseph Goebbels, 1940s Nazi Germany's infamous politician in charge of propaganda, correctly stated (unfortunately): "Keep repeating the same lie and eventually everyone will believe it."

Cherry picking resultant effects of Global Warming and re-ascribing them to be causational, so as to fit a warped, false narrative is easy. However it makes it infinitely more difficult for real scientists and problem solvers to implement essential practical solutions.

Until the scientific world conclusively identifies and proves the cause of global warming then it will be impossible to implement practical solutions.

Global Warming Activists are a menace and putting the future of mankind at risk. Global Warming Activists who slash car tyres, glue themselves to public highways, destroy property, killing both people and countless poor animals in their process of torching fields and forests, are terrorists. They should be rounded up and dealt with accordingly.