Food Product Respiration Loads


A situation could occur where a Fruit or Vegetable or General Purpose store is significantly resized upwards and where the product respiration load is not adequately recalculated to reflect the increased product capacity in the larger room volume. Whilst this would be unlikely to render the final load calculation load result nonviable the final load would nonetheless not be strictly correct.

Mistral’s policy has always been that its programs are an aid to good engineering practice but not a substitute for ‘due diligence’ in engineering. Mistral accepts however that due diligence is rarely if ever totally applied. Particularly where following years of relying upon a computer program that has always proven its worth as totally reliable.

Mistral’s engineers and programmers have therefore introduced a more rigorous set of both automatic ‘dynamic error trapping’ coding, along with additional on-screen prompts and warnings associated with product respiration input parameters. Thereby totally eliminating any risk of user error in the area of product respiration heat gain routines.

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