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NOTE: Depending upon which operating system (Microsoft Windows version) you use to run your computer you may see a warning screen such as one of those shown below.

Ignore it and click on Run. The above notices are simply a Microsoft form of blackmail. Designed to frighten its users and to try and force independant software developers the world over into handing over substantial charges to have the notice not displayed when their products are installed. Charges which naturally would have to be passed onto you as our customer! Microsoft's scam is effectively a 'Protection Racket'!

Mistral Associates' products have actually been around longer than Microsoft Windows* itself! If Mistral Associates software was anything but totally legitimate then the company would certainly have disappeared decades ago! Besides which Mistral Associates naturally supports all its products with internationally legally binding guarantees that they will perform both reliably and strictly as described.

Finally, Microsoft's strategy of issuing arguably libellous statements about the millions of legitimate software developers throughout the world also prompts the obvious question. How is it that even after a third of a century the world's leading computer Operating System provider openly admit they are still incapable of developing an Operating System that will prevent malware or even simply badly written software from running or even installing on a computer?! Instead putting the onus upon their own customers to identify bad software. It does not say much for Microsoft's software developers or instil very much confidence in their products!

*Microsoft released Microsoft Windows, a graphical extension for MS-DOS, on November 20, 1985. Mistral Associates launched its first product, 'COLDROOM', a DOS based routine for calculating coldroom refrigeration loads, on 22 July 1984. Following almost four years of continuous research and development. Interestingly 'COLDROOM' was designed with a graphical user interface (GUI) which anticipated PC program development using drop down forms (or 'windows'). Preceeding Microsoft's first Windows launch by 17 months! Ten years after the launch of 'COLDROOM' Mistral released its first Windows based successor program 'COLDWIND' in July 1994, along with its sister program 'AIRWIND' for calculation of Air Conditioning loads for all forms of building construction and vehicles.

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