Watch out! Protection Racketeers are back in town!

Please read this. Otherwise your cost of living, along with that of everyone else, is likely to rise!

Everything you buy and consume, from a frozen pea to a house or a car, has an element of computer software cost in it. Even if your kind neighbour grows carrots in their allotment and gives you a sack full then chances are the seeds they bought, the fertiliser they used, the sack they gave them to you in, the material that was transported to the factory used to make the sack, the tool they dug the carrots out of the ground with, even the rent paid to the owners of the land the carrots were grown in, each contain an element of software cost. Today it is unavoidable. Why would we want to avoid it though anyway? Computer software has improved quality of life and led to untold savings that couldn’t even have been dreamt of half a century ago.

Now all that software is about to increase in cost. Thus adding to everyone’s cost of living. Including yours!


Because Microsoft have introduced a ‘Protection Racket’! In future all software developers will be obliged to pay Microsoft Corporation a regular fee for the privilege of having Microsoft allow their products to be installed upon any PC that runs a Microsoft Operating System. Even software that was originally developed before Microsoft Corporation even existed and that has been happily running on IBM compatible PCs (Personal Computers) and others ever since!

Microsoft claim this is to ‘protect’ the public. To protect computers from the possibly damaging consequences of inadvertently installing ‘malware’ or viruses. People who know the truth know that it is nothing of the sort. Microsoft’s claim is a lie and technically it is nonsense. It is simply a ransom. The only thing protectionist about it is that it should properly be called a ‘Protection Racket’!

Microsoft’s Operating Systems Windows 7 and Windows 8 now interrupt the installation process of any software developer’s program product that the developer hasn’t paid Microsoft to ‘approve’. A flash screen appears during attempted installation of non Microsoft approved software with a totally fallacious and libellous lie that it ‘might damage your computer’. Then blocks the installation. Naturally even Microsoft had to accept their thuggery tactics could be challenged. Thus providing a tortuous escape route. By this time though the damage has been done. The reputation of a professional, hard working, diligent and totally honest software developer, along with millions of others throughtout the world like them, has been disputed by the world’s recognised largest PC Operating System provider and thus damaged. Unless they pay up of course.

Microsoft Corporation provides a service for software developers and companies to have their programs vetted and approved by them. For a fee of course and a fee that is repeated at regular intervals.

So where is the problem you might ask? The answer is, if you buy any product or service from a grower or a manufacturer or a provider and that grower or manufacturer or provider’s costs are increased, then who pays? Their customers pay of course otherwise if unable to meet costs they will be obliged to cease trading. So that means you pay! For every last single product or service you buy, drive, are transported in, eat, wear, live in and even the taxes you pay for the privilege of all these, must all have their prices increased. Simply to meet Microsoft Corporation’s latest scam. Their ‘Protection Racket’!

So what can you do about it? First of all you can protest. How? By forwarding this message to as many people and organisations as you can. Even to your local Trading Standards Bureau or equivalent. Actually, especially to your local Trading Standards Bureau! Next, you can recognise that if the company claiming to be the world’s largest, richest and most prolific provider of computer programs, still, even after more than quarter of a century, can’t provide you with an Operating System that isn’t capable of handling malware or viruses any better, then change your computer or your Operating System. To an 'Apple Mac' computer for example.

We might be David fighting a bullying Goliath but fight we will. We are planning a Class Action in the United States of America to have this insidious evil over-ruled by law. It won’t be cheap. Such prosecutions are notoriously expensive. Particularly in the USA. However we are already gaining considerable support, along with promises of financial aid. From some surprising sources too and which should have any company, even one that is included in the list of the world’s ten largest, quaking!

Finally, a special message for all our customers, present and future. If anyone, by ignoring Microsoft's libellous warnings and attempts at discrediting us, subsequently installs any of our products and can then prove that those products have adversely affected either their hardware or any other installed software in any way, then we will gladly replace either their computer with one of equal specification or the affected software, or both. Don't forget, that although Mistral works continuously to update its expert software systems to keep them abreast of changes in our industry, it also works continuously to keep its systems compatible with changes in the Operating Systems, namely Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, that it has to work within. The difference between Mistral's professionally produced software and Microsoft's however is that Mistral does not force you to spend three hours downloading, 'unpacking' and then 'configuring' approaching two hundred thousand 'upgrades' to it's systems less than 24 hours after you have just installed it! Think about it!