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During the current global emergency Mistral will apply its best endeavours to keep working and on-line. Though like everyone else we do so under tremendous pressure.

Mistral is NOT a registered charity and with no 'Cost of Sales' to speak of 95% of our entire revenue stream is directed towards developing and on a daily basis maintaining our advanced software systems.

Mistral does not buy in any products or components and add value and margin for resale, thus making us particularly exposed to cash flow crises created by late payers. Also, just as with any business, we still have to meet utility charges, salaries, equipment depreciation and yes, the very, very expensive software licence fees Mistral has to constantly pay to other software developers in order to keep our own systems working. It should therefore go without saying that if our revenue stream slows down then quite simply we face bankruptcy.

Mistral falls outside the scope of almost all government emergency initiatives that could help to keep us solvent.

coronavirus_your_country_needs_you.png As always, everyone in our team will do their best to help you.
Please though don't forget to help us. We all need each other!
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