mistral spot the ball

Spot the Little Red Dot little_red_dot.png

A little like 'Spot the Ball'. Except Mistral's little Red Dot isn't on a football pitch, it's on this website!

A bit of a challenge then! Maybe you will need to click on a lot of Mistral's web page links before you find it. Don't be daunted just because there are over 700 pages on this website!

The first person to tell us the title of the Mistral web page where they think the Little Red Dot appears, along with an unmistakable clue about where on the page the Little Red Dot is located, in the comments box provided on the entry form, WINS!Click the link at the bottom of this page to go to the entry form.

The winner can choose their software prize from our website. With access 'for Life'. For all their colleagues; for their entire organisation. Repeat: Licenced, high quality, Expert System Software access - for LIFE!

We really don't think we should have to explain just how valuable this prize is. If you don't understand how valuable it is, especially for your company, for your employers, or for all your colleagues, then, well, we really don't know what to say! We're sure you do understand though - So "Good Luck and happy searching. Mistral reserves the right to publish the name of the winner to this competition in Latest News pages in the month following competition close.


Click here and tell us where you think you found The Little Red Dot