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EC Directive effective 25 May 2018.

Your name and email address has been included in Mistral's email address book because you have instigated a contact with Mistral Associates in the past. Either as a specific enquiry or because you are now or have been a Mistral program user. Mistral's email address book does not include any personal details other than full name and email address. It does not even contain postal addresses or telephone or mobile numbers.

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If you are an existing Mistral Associates program user you therefore have an active Mistral Associates account. By unsubscribing you will effectively be permanently cancelling your account with Mistral Associates.

Consider this if you are unsubscribing on behalf of your employer and whether you have the authority to do so. Re-establishing a lapsed Contract Account could be very expensive.

As technically you may have already benefitted from access to Mistral's intellectual property (computer programs) and service Mistral regrets therefore that where relevant no refund for the value of any remaining contractual access period can be given.

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