Selecting a City using the World Map form will automatically enter the necessary Meteorological, Latitude, Longitude, Solar Azimuth, Solar Declination, Sun Hour/Strength and Altitude data to be used by the current calculation. Whilst Ambient design conditions (Dry Bulb and Wet Bulb Temperatures) and Altitude may be over written by clicking on the appropriate buttons, it is still necessary to select a city in order that the calculation has the necessary geographical co-ordinates it needs to compute Solar gain and Sol Air calculations. If the precise geographic location (city) cannot be found on the World Map or by using any of the Search tools then either the nearest city can be accepted and providing there are similarities between Latitudes, Altitudes and proximities to coastlines (consideration of continental versus maritime climates) then the program should return an acceptable level of accuracy. Alternatively it will be necessary to create a new database record for the desired location using the World Map Create New Record tool.

To the right of the Search button is a button that alternates the World Map (see Geography) between showing all current database locations as yellow dots and a clear (dot free) map. An aid to reviewing the extent of the current database.

At far bottom right of the World Map form is a button that facilitates editing or adding to the program's world database. Care must be taken when entering data to ensure that precise Latitude, Longitude and Altitude co-ordinates are known and correctly entered as the programs complex Solar tracking routines depend upon this information and small differences can result in large calculation result errors.