mistral solar path Fast, accurate, reliable and above all, exceptionally easy to use programs for RAC engineers and sales professionals - World-wide. Saving time, improving competitiveness, helping to win orders and maintain QA systems. Reducing costs for both you and your customers alike. spacer
Incredibly accurate, 'dynamically error trapped' computer programs. Calculating reliable cooling or heating loads in seconds then printing presentation quality results automatically to enhance your sales quotations. spacer

Expert System Software to assist professionals in gaining RAC contracts. Mistral's proven programs calculate cooling loads accurately to industry established specifications; going on to select the optimum RAC equipment from your chosen suppliers. Completing your projects profitably - with confidence, speed and precision.

MISTRAL have provided intuitive application engineering computer programs since the dawn of the Personal Computer and have continued supporting the world's Refrigeration & Air Conditioning industry with software it rightly demands ever since. Expert system software that set standards by which all others are now judged.

Will MISTRAL software pay for itself? Undoubtedly! - and continue doing so. Over and over again!

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emergency beaconEmergency Full Program Download Procedure. You tell us your RAC business cannot operate efficiently without access to Mistral software for even a day. Now it doesn't have to!


mistral coldwind movie

Every new RAC project starts with load calculation.
There is no disputing this fact. Get the load calculation wrong and you can only fail. Get it right and you succeed!

Take a two minute tour of 'Coldwind Pro'. Mistral's legendary multi-tasking load calculation program.

Accurately completing calculations in less than two minutes that can take even experienced engineers more than a couple of hours to achieve manually!

Reduce costs! Enhance competitiveness and sales presentations. Save time. GAIN more contracts!

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