always on top

More advanced versions of Mistral programs feature a switchable option to have the Program Group form always appear over the top of all other open programs on the computer desktop.

Mistral's Program Group forms are intentionally designed to be compact. They can even be minimised to a single bar or strip of icons.

These take up a minimal amount of space on the desktop whilst still retaining practicality. Having the Program Group in 'Always On Top' mode makes program access faster and easier to find when a number of other and unrelated programs may be open at the same time. The compact form can also be easily 'dragged and dropped' to a new position on the desktop when it is concealing information underneath by using the Mouse cursor on its title bar.

Switching between 'Always On Top' mode and normal mode is achieved simply by a single click (Toggle) on the aptly named 'ON TOP' icon found within the Program Group.