Ceiling details are accessed by clicking on the Ceiling button to produce the Ceiling Details form. Ceiling construction materials may be selected from the built in database or user defined materials may be entered (see User Defined Materials). Glazing may be selected for inclusion in the ceiling design and a button is provided on the form which gives access to the complete menu accessed Windows database (see also User Defined Materials as a guide to how databases are edited even while the program is running).

Defining the building construction (roof or void or room) above the ceiling is important to accuracy of the calculation result. By clicking on mutually exclusive buttons the nominal type of construction can be identified and corresponding relevant data is automatically entered into the calculation. When exposed roofs (either flat or pitched) are selected then the colour (and hence reflectance values) may also be defined.

Where part of an exposed roof above a ceiling is permanently shaded from the sun by adjacent structures then the Specify Shade button provides access to a percentage shaded input routine.

Air Boundary Layer