city (adding to database)

Please note that for certain markets the materials and meteorological databases have been set to operate in 'Read Only' mode only and therefore cannot be edited or added to by users without Administrator adjustment of the program. Please contact Mistral Associates at for further advice on how to accomplish this.

Three different methods are provided for users to customise the program's geographic database. One method is to click on Options on the top menu bar and then on Customise and then on World City Database.

Another is to click on the Customise World City Database icon at the bottom right hand corner of the world map.

Another is to click, using the right Mouse button, directly on the world map. (City locating cursor)

Each method may be used to achieve exactly the same result.

Note: Geographic co-ordinates are entered traditionally, as degrees and minutes, and not as degrees and hundreths of degrees.

See also: Temperature Range

It should be noted that the Edit City form used to both add new data and edit existing data has been 'error trapped' to try and eliminate common mistakes and keyboard errors (Eg. Attempting to input a Wet Bulb temperature higher than its corresponding Dry Bulb temperature). For this reason care must be taken to ensure that ALL necessary data is at hand before using the form as mistakes or omissions will usually mean the data will not be accepted.

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