Dynamic Error Trapping

An automatically applied program process whereby all scientific or technical errors that may be introduced during a computing session are identified through code protocols and either reported for user correction or are automatically eliminated.

Theoretically such errors can result either from an unpredicted route through a highly complex, parallel operating program which features, for user convenience, an almost infinite number of route permutations, or more likely through a simple user input mistake or keyboard typing error and for which no person can ever be immune.

The error trapping process is described as 'dynamic' due to the fact that as a highly complex calculation processes, evolving through collecting and collating numerous series of user inputs, the parameters used for identifying technical input errors are essentially required to be constantly changing. Putting this into simple terms - ‘Constantly changing input limits and boundaries to keep up with the evolving design’.

Dynamic Error Trapping is perhaps the most complex part of Mistral's Source Code used to create its system of individual yet interactively communicating program modules. Certainly the most difficult and expensive to create and requiring tens of thousands of hours of high level programming. From the outset however Mistral considered the need for Dynamic Error Trapping was essential. The consequences of a major result error paradoxically being potentially less serious or commercially damaging than a minor calculation result inaccuracy. Due, simply, because a major result error, say in the order of 50% either under or over statement will inevitably be noticed by an experienced engineer; whereas a 20% over statement might go unnoticed but simply result in loss of a customer contract. The far worse scenario of a 20% understatement going unnoticed and which results in a contract being won for a RAC installation scheme which is destined never to work could result in catastrophic financial losses, let alone loss of credibility with a valuable customer.

Despite the dangers of using inexpertly developed computer software that is not Dynamically Error Trapped Mistral Associates believes its own computing systems are practically unique in operating with this essential feature and at such a high level of sophistication and proven reliability in the field over more than three decades.