doors and windows

Doors and windows may be added by clicking on the doors and glazing button that appears in the wall details form produced whenever clicking on a wall 'tile'

The program (in standard issue form) will not permit the room design procedure to be closed where a design has been created without any doors! A wall must be selected (by clicking on a wall 'tile' and a door added to it. Naturally the program will permit more than one door to a wall (providing there is sufficient room) and for more than one wall to have doors allocated. The program also features a list of commercially available 'pre-manufactured' door designs that have been kindly contributed to the program's databases by well known manufacturers.

Doors and windows may be 'dragged and dropped' (by clicking to select on the door list at left of the form) and dragged laterally across a scale representation of the wall elevation. This image is reproduced accurately in presentation print-outs of the calculation results file. Whilst the relative position of a door might not have any effect on the calculated refrigeration, cooling or heating load this feature of the program may be useful in enhancing (through accuracy and realism) the quality of presentations attached to customer quotations.

The program includes a comprehensive menu of currently available different glazing types. Including specialised both reflective and tinted glasses. Windows that are permanently shaded, both internally with blinds or externally by canopies for example, may also be detailed precisely; possibly making a large difference to calculated air conditioning loads.