editing materials databases

Materials are included in the database in many cases with common thickness already attributed. Where a thickness has not already been attributed this must be entered using the dimension input box provided otherwise an error message prompt to do so will appear before the form can be closed.

If a particular material or construction mix of materials cannot be found then a new entry may be made to the database by clicking on the Customise List button at bottom left of the form. This will result in five new buttons appearing at bottom right of the form labelled (from left to right):-

Create New Composite
Create New Material
Edit (existing) Composite (or) Material
Delete (existing) Composite (or) Material
Duplicate (existing) Composite (or) Material

The functions of these being self explanatory.

To create a new composite wall construction either an existing one may be copied (using the Duplicate (existing) Composite (or) Material button) and then editing and renaming it (sometimes the fastest way if some similarities exist between an existing construction and the required new one.), or an entirely new one may be created. New materials may be added to a compound mix of wall constructions simply by 'double clicking' a material in the materials list or by clicking and dragging the material into the compound material list. Within the new Compound Material individual materials may be moved to their correct relative positions within the wall by highlighting them (red frame around position number) and then clicking on left and right facing arrow keys.