Mistral's RAC Equipment selection programs retrieve data from many thousands of items including refrigeration coolers, compressors, condensers, condensing units, air conditioning and refrigeration packaged systems and peripheral equipment such as expansion valves etc. In most cases, and where the information has been officially made available to Mistral, each product selected is automatically linked to one or more graphical image files.

The folders containing these, in some cases many thousands of images, are relatively large. Therefore as a convenience to Licensees to access Mistral's larger program systems, programs are designed by default to automatically retrieve these images from Mistral's On-line web server.

For Licensees either unable or not wishing to accept the default on-line image retrieval setting the option is provided to switch this off. Users may also if they wish download the complete compendium of image folders for installation to their own computer whereby the programs will automatically search and retrieve images locally.

In compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation law NO digital personal data is collected or stored when Mistral programs access the Internet.

The simple to use procedure for turning the on-line graphics feature either on or off and also the option to download the complete compendium of image folders may be found in Mistral's 'Corporate' suite program Launcher Group form via this icon