'Airwind', 'Cellwind', 'Coldwind' and other program modules may have their operating language switched between Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and English USA languages by opening the language selector menu by clicking the language_icon.gif icon in each program's top menu bar.

Switching languages only completes after re-starting the program. Switching language back again is achieved simply by opening the language selector menu again.

Quick selection calculations selected in menus will only function in their appropriately set language. However, Quick selection program results saved in one language may be reopened when another language has been set for program operation.

Each program module must have its own languge setting changed individually. This means that changing the language in 'Coldwind' for example will not result in the language being simultaneously changed in the refrigeration equipment selection programs or the refrigerant pipe sizing programs. As a convenience for program users, language changes, once set, will be retained in memory so that even when the computer is switched off and then on again the last used language setting will be recalled.

* More languages are planned. Unlike other software, Mistral's programs are language switchable AFTER program installation and not just selected and thus fixed prior to installation. An infinitely more useful program facility.