To retrieve a calculation simply click on or open File on the top menu bar and then on Open in the drop down menu which appears. A list of previously filed calculations with the extension .AWC * will appear. Highlight the chosen file and press Return or double click with the Mouse cursor over the selected file to open it.

It should be noted when editing previously filed calculations that changes could mean that related calculation summaries that may have been 'exported' to other computer programs or that have been saved with similar file names may no longer match in content. Mistral Associates can obviously have no control over such discrepancies arising and it must be the responsibility of the program user to ensure good 'house keeping' practice.

If calculations have been filed with user defined file name extensions (ie other than .AWC *) then the user defined extension must be manually entered in the search path in place of the program's default of .AWC *. If the user defined extension is not known then the name given to the file may be typed in followed by .* . The * is called a 'wild card' and using it will open all files with common names, regardless of their extension. Wild cards can be applied to file names as well. For example *.* will search for all file names with any file extension.

Care must be taken when searching for and opening files with *.* especially if the search is for a file that has been saved in the same directory as the program's many operating procedure files. Opening some of the program's operating (or 'executable') files with the extension .EXE should never be attempted. These can very easily be corrupted and permanently prevent further operation of the program; especially if they are copied or re-saved as this would amount to invoking of the copy protection system. For this reason it is a good idea and considered to be good 'house keeping' practice to create a separate directory, or sub-directory under the directory where the program files are kept (usually called MISTCD) to store calculation files. Users unfamiliar with creating directories should refer to the manuals supplied with their computer's main operating system.

To open a file by it's reference use the Browse command.

*.CWC for Coldwind calculations, .CLW for Cellwind calculations.