quick selection cold room designs

Grid sized cold rooms that feature a set of 'pre-engineered' to specific manufacturers designs may be selected by clicking on New in the File menu, and choosing Grid before starting a new calculation. A menu list of manufacturers may be presented (depending upon program issue) for users to choose grid sized rooms and in some cases these will go on to provide full pricing, equipment selection and customer quotation routines.

Grid sized cold room selections are 'dynamic' in that they may be edited to better suit end user requirements. However edited grid sized rooms that no longer match the standard product offerings from their originating manufacturers is of course a matter for discussion with the respective room manufacturer.

The standard issue of 'Coldwind' is supplied with a database containing 592,596 'pre-engineered', 'Grid Size' coldroom and freezer designs. The nearest of these to a required new project design may be opened and then just those parts that need to be adjusted to match the precise project can be edited. Thus saving many minutes of time in creating a new design. With the added benefit that the program will already have included best standard design practices for the design on such important matters as Product Turnover, Product Entry Temperature and Product Pull Down times etc.

CAUTION! Care should be taken when opening a 'Grid Size' coldroom or freezer design and then making changes to it, to remember to also edit the Reference description to match the new design.