reduction time

Product temperature reduction time (from entry temperature to the Coldroom design operating temperature or, when the option is selected, the product exit temperature) can be entered from 1.5 hours to 48 hours or, by checking the 'Enter Time in Days' box, from 2 to 30 days.

When the option to enter a product exit temperature that is higher than the coldroom design temperature has been chosen, then the option to 'Enter Time in Days' is disabled.

Care should be taken not to enter product temperature reduction times which are impractical for the product type; particularly when entering times in days which is a program facility really designed for large agricultural stores (or similar) only. Complete ERROR TRAPPING of the program in this subject area is not possible and the full onus of responsibility must therefore be with the program user.

Users are urged to exercise caution when entering very short product temperature reduction times. Although the computed refrigeration load will be accurate, there can be no guarantee that the product will be capable of giving up its energy in the time entered. This is because the program does not take the heat transfer coefficient of the product (only the specific heat, latent heat and where applicable, the respiration heat values) into account. No reliable data is generally available on these other critical values and engineers must either rely upon their own experience or empirical seek data from reliable sources.

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