A calculation file (as distinct from the summary of a calculation result) may be filed for archiving, back-up and later retrieval purposes.

Simply click on or open File on the top menu bar and then on Save in the drop down menu which appears. The calculation will now be filed on disk using the current filename.

It is no longer permissible under latest Windows Operating Systems to save calculation results files in the same folder as the program installation. Normally the installation is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Mistral folder by default but this can vary locally.

Files are now saved by default under the 'Admin/AppData/Roaming/Mistral' folder path on your computer. Usually three of four folder levels down from 'Admin/' but it is not possible here to categorically advise the precise path as this can vary from user computer to user computer.

Mistral does however provide the facility to create a more logical folder path in which to save calculation files and which therefore will be easier to find in the future. Providing the location is not under the C:\Program Files (x86) folder. Mistral suggests creating:- 'C:\Mistral Calculation Files' as a suitable location.

See also: file extensions
See also: save as