The program employs very sophisticated Solar Azimuth, Declination and Sun Strength algorithms which automatically track the Sun's position over any point on the Earth's surface for every hour of every day of the year. The resultant Solar Angles are then computed against the various orientated wall, window and roof compound angles, in conjunction with surface colour reflectance and ground reflectance values plus temporary occlusion and permanent shading factors, to accurately calculate the effects of Solar radiation Heat Gain. (The benefits of a unique computer program to perform such tasks should now become highly evident!) By changing times and dates in the input boxes provided, comparisons can instantly be made between the effects of Solar Gains at these different times.

The program's time of year function defaults to 21st June to indicate typical 'worst case' conditions for the Northern hemisphere of the world and 21st December to indicate typical 'worst case' conditions for the Southern Hemisphere.

Time of day, day of month and month of year may all be adjusted by clicking on the Date and Time icon at top right of the program main form. This function also displays day and night shadow across a map of the world.

All times displayed and used by the program are locally geographic Solar times and therefore DO NOT include any adjustments for daylight conservancy. Eg Time used in the United Kingdom is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) throughout the year, regardless of which month is selected.