flowers - storage and transit

Recommended transit and short term storage temperature for fresh cut flowers, in CO² rich (4%) atmosphere, is from -0.5°C (31°F) to 0.5°C (33°F).

Recommended typical minimum and maximum storage capacity can be subjective, especially in the absence of accurate specific volume of the species.

With provision for ample but necessarily low velocity air circulation, for spaces up to 100 cubic metres total internal volume, capacity from *16 kg per cubic metre up to a maximum 40 kg per cubic metre may be considered.

For spaces above 100 cubic metres the above figures can safely be increased by 10%.

*Note: It is necessary to reset the program's default minimum Product Weight Stored of 50 kg per cubic metre using Special Features Codes as described here:- Special Features Codes. The Special Features Codes provision is not available on all program versions.