Load Mitigation Factor

Cold rooms and freezers must essentially be designed to cope with 'worst case' design parameters.

Meaning designing for extreme ambient conditions along with maximum product loadings meeting client's design specifications.

Whilst the program's sophisticated meteorological algorithms will apply accurate actuarial data across all seasonal ambient variation annually it is unlikely that 'worst case' conditions of maximum product loading coupled with extreme ambient conditions will apply for each of 365 days of the year. The option to 'mitigate' the total annual refrigeration load by applying a reduction to this total annual refrigeration load of up to 50% is therefore provided.

It should be used with caution and only after careful consideration given to likely real time usage of each specific project. The Energy Cost Estimate left without applying the Load Mitigation Factor thus also representing 'worst case'.

Load Mitigation Factor is also definitely not a reason for reducing the Total Refrigeration Load calculated for any project for purposes of selecting refrigeration equipment.

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