Power Cost Estimator

System Electrical Power Consumption Estimate.

The Power Cost Estimator is accessed via the button button on the top menu bar.

By simply entering the system COP, along with national currency and electricity tariff, or tariffs in the event Off Peak power tariffs are available during each 24 hour period then an estimate of annual power consumption cost is returned.

It should be noted that COP applies only to the high pressure side of the system. The program automatically depreciates any entered COP by 7.5% so as to apply a normally typical margin for cooler fan motors and for defrost cycles.

The calculation is applied to all current option settings in the open load calculation project. Meaning therefore that if a single coldroom Total Refrigeration Load is displayed then the estimator will calculate electricity consumption cost for that coldroom only. If the option to display load calculation results for all coldrooms in a project involving multiple rooms has been made then the estimator will calculate electricity consumption cost for all rooms and show this as a single combined total.

Tariffs must be entered as kW/Hr cost percent of the national currency. Thus if US Dollars are selected then an entered tariff amount of 13.5 refers to 13.5 cents cost per kW/Hr. Similarly if UK Pounds are selected and a tariff amount of 17.95 is entered then the cost is 17.95 Pence per kW/Hr.

Click to recalculate estimate following edit to any input parameters.
Please be aware this operation can involve millions of separate and complex calculations; therefore requiring a few seconds to complete; particularly on computers with slower processors.

Click to save Tariffs to memory so they will appear automatically next time the estimator is run.

Click to see a detailed summary of a Power Cost Estimate including monthly sub totals.

Click to copy a Power Cost Estimate to clipboard where it may be opened using a text editor.
Then transferred to any word processor App for text enhancement and inclusion in other documents.

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