A printed summary of all calculation details, including results can be obtained. Click on or open File on the top menu bar and then on Print in the drop down menu which appears. A standard windows printer box will appear, allowing you to specify the number of copies required. Click on the OK button to start printing. To Print to a file instead of a printer, click on 'Print to File' before clicking on OK. Refer to your Windows™ documentation about setting up a printer if you do not have any printers installed.

If the Collate Copies box is not checked then providing more than 1 copy has also been requested, multiples of one page will be printed before multiples of the other page. To print multiple summaries as sets then the Collate Copies box should be checked (ie. click in check box to show a X. This is also the default).

Options offered when the Setup button is clicked will depend upon the printer driver installed and are outside of the control of the program. Again, print quality options will depend upon the printer driver installed.

RTF (Rich Text File) may also be printed by checking the Print to File check box and directing the print image to a folder and file name of your choice. Rich Text Files retain all document constructive elements such as tabs and margins, text capitalisation, bold, italic and underline characters etc., along with optionally, any graphical images either generated by the programs or retrieved from the program's dynamically linked databases.

Rich Text Files afford the possibility for users to select parts of the printed summary for export to other software sytems such as Databases (Eg Microsoft Access) and Spreadsheets (Eg Microsoft Excel).

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