product database editing

Products for Coldroom storage are selected from lists which are arranged in Food 'type' groups. Each group features a list of common products and for these all relevant thermal properties are stored in the program as default values. The default values include Specific heat above the product freezing temperature, Specific heat below product freezing temperature, the product freezing temperature and Latent Heat. Fruit and Vegetables, and the generic group described as 'General Purpose', include values for Heat of Respiration.

Access to the food product database is made through the 'Options' item found on the program's top menu bar.

Click on 'Options' on top menu bar, then on 'Customise' and then on 'Product Database'.

The database has been error trapped to both ignore incomplete entries and also to prohibit unrealistic values from being entered.

Under Microsoft rules it is prohibited for program users to edit databases stored within the prescribed Windows programs storage folder (Eg Eg C:\Program Files (x86)\Mistral).

Windows therefore forces the creation of additional database files whenever a program database is edited or has additional data added. To maintain simplicity of operation Mistral automatically merges original database data and user added data so that it appears together when programs are run. To help users both find and also to identify which is the originally supplied data and which is the data they may have added the new databases are identified by the icon

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